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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The first order of this week is......................to allow you all in on my travel towards gaining more self confidence. After all it took me a whole bunch just to log in.
Was it really something to fear?...not really. This part was actually quite easy, but what makes me nervous is that I am probably going to share quite a bit in the coming months.
I started this blog to allow you in during my progress of becoming the true artist that I am. I have three projects that I am working on:
1. My book.
2. My website for my jewelry line.
3. To continue my growth as a painter.

and due to me giving excuses from time to time, of not having time to work on one of these projects. I decided I needed to release, and when needed.........a swift kick up the back side if you are reading this.
I desire to know more artists, more people with an attention to what this world needs. I wish to know more people that are wide open and ready to make the changes in their life, and to truly remember what it is like to be alive.
I am open:)

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