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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Moving forward without expectation and without reward is a harder job than we think. Challenge yourself to live with the feeling of only peace and allow any other experience to become your destiny. Our ego is a tricky disease. Just as we believe we have allowed our minds to let go of it, there it is sneaking up behind us once again. I can assure you that I write this from total experience. I am walking with the need of this want. There is no way out of this dilemma unless I get crushed from an outcome that would be of less fortune. Now let me ask you and I guess myself this……Is it so important for us to wait until we are disappointed before we can loose the ego? Why not train our minds into giving more effort into allowing whatever will be will be. We can at least from that perspective gain confidence in knowing that the effort we gave was as wholesome as the reward itself. I still question this as I write, as from any experience I have had or will have, the ego at will, will refuse to leave. From this view of the ego I can also tell you that when our hearts are in true emotion of what we want, the outcome will not have to be of disappointment. The destiny that we dream of can only be created from creating balance. Align your true desire without the ego and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


When you feel pushed into a corner, and having an option seems like just an idea, allow yourself to remember who you are. Know one has control over anything you do, no matter the circumstances. And though you may feel at times that you are chained, allow yourself to remember that you are not. You have your free will. This cannot be owned, no matter the position you may find yourself in. The opportunities you have are limitless. It is only fear that takes you hostage and distorts the clearer view of your options. Allow your self to be open to changes that are necessary and know that upon the arrival of changes you did not expect, you will also bring rewards from your faith and trust in the unknowing events to come. Wherever the destination may greet you, know that you will have a safe landing. And your journey of self discovery will be an ever evolving part of life that see's you as it's Brother, Sister, Father and Mother. And therefore you will always be looked after. Do not allow another's fear to effect your connection to you. Believe in yourself and believe in the trust that open's all doors.