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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Necessary lessons: Messages from our ascended light friends.

 Light is shining fast towards us all my fellow friends.
We are all in need now of communicating more freely amongst others and allow our willingness to learn of what others have been too afraid. We call upon all angels and lightworkers to receive our unconditional love and support from the clouds above and know that we are all watching quite intently with the unfolding of many circumstances. Like many of you; you have all witnessed your own necessary growth to fully allow ascension. In time you will feel the benefits of all the changes that were necessary. And we know in time you will cease to doubt our loyalty to planet earth. We are all here with you and we have never lost sight of you, even if for many of you, you have an aloneness; to this we say fear not dear ones for we had never left you but simply have encouraged from afar the lessons that needed to be taught in greatness. We love how so many of you have transitioned nicely through adversities and have come through with flying colours. We know many of you still continue to feel the wrath of some dilemma or misfortune but please allow yourselves to fear not and to trust in the process of plenty. We are all here waiting for this transition. We love you plenty and we can afford to "spread ourselves thin" as you so speak. It is with great knowledge and time that we ask you to be forever patient in our efforts to assist you and become the very part of you that is light for the undying light can never faid but the shadows of many will come to light and your openess to all will bring about your new and highest vibration. We all love you so much and we are so excited with your delievery of messages to the people that may still be unaware. We are excited and elated for your transition and we bring you more joy in the more peace that you require. You are love and you are light and you are forever in our hearts. Let now the truth be told.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Opening your heart: Messages from our ascended light friends.

Your souls light is at reach and it is time for you all to understand and learn your way to your new life. We will give you new ways in which to engineer all matter. We are here of light and we are here to understand you in your ways and to teach you all in how to understand the art of letting go. We have seen many of you jump to jubilation and create such wonders but it is in our time now that you will rise above all that has been lost and yet again be one with all that is of the same light. We are here to tell you to never live in fear and to never doubt what your heart tells you, for you dear ones are light beings that have been cast down to a lower level of vibration and it is only of this dilemma that your heart may not see all that is clear.
Know this: When your heart is clear and free of woes we can emanate more freedom in believing in self and therefore create more wisdom of self.

You see dear one's; your time here on this earth has been a many wondrous discovery and yes we have had some turbulent times and also ahead but it is not without knowledge that has been gained do we understand the meaning of this change. We know that all light is wisdom but it is your heart that will generate it's solidity into meaning. We can all assume that we have accomplished many tasks and we can all predict that we will continue on in this journey but it is not without your heart being open can we fully engage in all lessons, in all vibrations and in all manor of circumstance. We are here to verify that your journey like many of your bright souls has been a marvelous accomplishment and we value your time and your efforts in all that you do. We urge you all to keep moving forward in all your advances and continue on in this journey of life. Let us all now silently breathe and patiently wait for the coming of a new day. Thank you my dear friends. We are so happy to be a part of you.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Allowing light to enter: Messages from our ascended light friends

One can always be uncertain of self but together all can be one and in within the same light of consciousnesses. We are all here to learn and experience all levels of enlightenment. We are here to assure you that all levels of all study and evaluation is coming to a close and we are ready to inhabit all love and peace in every sector of the universe. There will be times for you all to be "put through the test" so to speak and there will be many times of great reward as you come to your final stages of enlightenment. We wish many of your souls to be enriched with our great light and we know many of you have already embraced our ways of teaching and we know that with time your service to many will speak grandly of our light. We know that in time your heart chakra will illuminate all levels of higher consciousnesses. All persons carrying fourth their wisdom from now will go on fourth into new and higher realms. We know that in time you will all see this great journey come to a close and you will be surrounded with undying love and light. You know we have never left you, we had never strayed for we were always here within lights touch.

Be aware of your surroundings and so understand the difficulty that others may possess. It is not your light to shine when others must follow their journey, if others were to be on the same page there would be no need for lessons and experience. We urge you all now to understand all light in all living things and understand all souls that share this earth with you. They have for themselves a great journey to travel just as you do. Know this and give them patience for time my dear friends will no longer be of exsistance and you all will be here within our light. We love you all so much and we cannot wait for us all to be together again within this new world and this new light. Again we love you all so much, now allow us into your hearts with pure light in sight and our love in the stars.