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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Listen carefully to thou souls need
Allow it to breath as thou rests within heaven’s night
Feel in the morning the light of self and abandon the fear of unknown strides
You are forever in safe hands and you are forever to use free will
Be the light that already shines within the core of your making
Know that beneath your feet, your weight is lifted with each task sent before you
You are of light so take flight in the knowing of who you truly are.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Music is the light of angels.

Music is the light of angels. We come to speak in many forms and we allow you to hear us through your voice. We make ourselves known through words and light but we know we can reach you through music’s delight. We cannot change what has already begun but we can move forward and above and beyond. I ask you to listen dear one in order for change but first you must show us that you are ready for change. Know that you see us and feel our light and know that you believe us and feel our plight. We want you to listen, we want you to hear and we want you to push fourth your fear to be heard. I urge you tomorrow to witness our tasks for we may ask of you to do more and serve.
Start now; start within, from there now you will begin.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Waking up!

I am in a wonderful place that has allowed me to be who I am. My meditations everyday are helping me in my courage and allowing me to reveal more of who I am. I use to hide my abilities due to my surroundings areas and of what people may think. But as I delve more into my soul and my sub-conscious mind I can no longer spend my life not living the way it was truly intended. I am a free spirit that understands responsibilities and understands the meaning of now and it is the now that brings me to my turning point. I recently started focusing on my communication with my spirit guides and now hear loved ones that wish to send their love. I am so happy that I get to share this part of myself again. In my years past I had so much doubt and disbelief but now my trust has grown and I can no longer doubt.
I wish to be able to help as many people as my ability allows and so I hope that as I send this post off into the internet realm that someone somewhere will read this and ask for help. I am now available to read you and I am here when you are ready.
Always in love and light I send you peace of mind.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weighing in

It is so hard to keep pushing forward when your budget consists of zero. How do we stay motivated? We keep pushing along. Being a typical artist it comes naturally to continue the leap forward but as we all know it takes a toll on the spirit so we have to always stay centered. A daily dose of meditation will give you the boost, it will diminish the fear of failure and make you more confident in taking theses strides towards your goals. I am still struggling as is the rest of the world and knowing that you are not alone in your efforts should remind us all to be patient. I still show fear when lack of funds interferes but the moment I sit in silence and breath, I know then that all will be okay. I urge you to stay centered and breath your way to accomplishment of spirit.