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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Yet another project!"

Okay, so I have already stated my current projects I am working on, but for someone like myself I obviously do not quite feel challenged enough. I have started yet another project. This had no plan, just an idea that decided to join me on my way home from work. I was trying to forget about it, erase the never-ending ideas that were coming through to me. This I can confidently tell you did not work, and yet I am excited about it. Part of me feels crazy for manifesting another creative part of myself, but hey I cannot help myself. It breathes and lives through me as if strapped up to a ventilator. If I ignore how this attachment feeds me, I am in fact ignoring myself, and if you knew my past you would understand that going backwards is not a place I care to visit. I am loving this new found expression. It's like an express line to your soul, I feel blessed and alive.
There is maybe only one problem, if indeed it is a problem....
How do I decide which project deserves the most attention?
At this point I am running with it, full speed ahead, doing what I feel and anxious for the completion. Of course I am aware that allowing in any anxiety will only slow down my work. I am still learning.

Oh! so the other project: a fictional story that has not yet decided if it needs a hard back, or an actor to bring it's lines to life.
To be continued......

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