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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Preshous Designs

My website is finally up!
I am proud of what I have accomplished. I am excited to see what happens. There is though a slight problem.....nobody knows I exist. The challenge now is to create the traffic neccessary to make this business happen. The same goes for this blog that I have to admit I abandon quite often. Please know that if my creative light is not passing through these blogs, it is indeed evolving into all other areas that need it. So how do I get this ball rolling? I am taking the cheapest steps possible, if I had the money to advertise my website I would probably be too busy to write about the challenge itself. So I am killing all braincells that would normally be wasted on really bad cheap television. I find myself feeling confused and yet excited to be able to disrobe from my blanket of saftey and take more risks. I am vunerable as is my bank, but I have come to far in this project to decide that finances are my reason for stopping. I have created this dream, all I need now is to find the happy ending.


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