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Monday, July 26, 2010

What can you say...really?

Do we not have enough of this yet? Are you wanting more? Oh wait! Of course you are. If you are unfulfilled enough you will be judging someone,somewhere. I have been seeing it quite often recently. I applaud those that know to ignore such verbally uncontrolled rants. I see those that do not see themselves. I watch as you think your chosen God leads you to do such things. Unfortunately your actions tell something quite different.
There are many in this world that have decided that they do not need guidance, that their minds are set and their wisdom already gained. I am here to remind those that think they have already learned, have yet to unlearn.
How much longer do you think your false presentation of self will hold up? Every encounter, whether it be through interactions with friends or with someone you just met,is your mirror. Oh yes, you can hide your self away from your physical reflection but again I'm here to remind you that your actions, how you communicate, how you react, will be evident in every single encounter.
The world is your mirror, the world see's you.

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