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Monday, March 15, 2010

Pushing forth.

So this jewelry thing......I now realize that I'm going a little deeper than I had planned to. And not just deep into my own pocket. I'm learning so much from making mistakes, from going a little step further every time. I don't really have enough flow of money to be doing what I am doing, and yet I cannot help but take the risk anyway. It is very easy to put my plans aside and continue to do the day jobs that take care of the bills, but then the passion for such is not there. Giving into such an easy plan does not sit well. Know matter how much of a struggle I may find myself in, I still cannot give up. And I urge anyone reading this, that if you have your plans and dreams that you are thinking of putting back on that shelf...."STOP!"
Don't give up, instead give in. Give in to your passion, for it is a feeling from where dreams grow and become your reality.

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